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Chaires d'entreprise EM Strasbourg

Martial BELLON's testimony, President of the SIG Strasbourg

Publié le February 19, 2018, Mis à jour le March 6, 2018

“It may seem surprising that a sports club is interested in customer experience, yet this issue is actually at the heart of our strategic policy for the years to come. We see that in the United States in particular, sporting events are more than just "sporting events" - they are a form of entertainment that is accessible to a non-expert, family audience. France is still far from achieving the same level of interest!”

“For some years now, the SIG has been developing a business model that will offer high-level, entertaining sporting events. The centerpiece of this strategic transformation is the construction of the new SIG Arena, which will host our matches by 2021. We find Claire Roederer's Customer Experience Chair project interesting for two reasons: it provides a community in which good business practices can be shared with two major regional economic players, and provides access to research that highlights marketing innovations.

Since its creation, the SIG has played an active role in the region. This explains our commitment to regional partners in this cutting-edge local initiative. It's part of our DNA.”

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