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Wine and tourism

Editorial by Coralie Haller,
Head of the Wine and Tourism Chair

With a surplus trade balance of 10.5 billion euros in 2016, the wine and spirits sector has the second biggest surplus on the French market, just behind the aeronautical sector (FEVS, 2017). Although France is the second largest consumer of wine after the USA, wine remains a national symbol of French lifestyle, culture and gastronomy. The Alsace is the fourth most visited region of France, where 15,500 hectares of vines produce 140,000 bottles of wine per year. Nearly 2.2 million visitors explore the oldest wine route of France every year (ORTA, 2015). The number of visitors has increased by 2% compared to 2016 and the number of overnight stays has reached 27.1 million, representing 2.2 billion euros and 37 000 salaried and non-salaried posts (ORTA, 2017).

These figures bring home the economic importance of the wine and tourism industries, both on a national and regional level. The interest of creating of a « Wine and Tourism » Chair within the University at Strasbourg Management School is self-evident. There is a clear advantage in the development of this future « think tank » for tourism or wine makers. The idea is to foster a cluster-style functioning in which businesses, researchers and training establishments work together to create and cultivate new ideas.

Our research themes

The « Wine and Tourism » Chair is composed of four main research themes. The first concerns marketing, and more specifically the behaviours and experiences of wine tourists and the development of wine brands. Researchers also work on the logistics and distribution channels of the wine industry. A third theme studies the business models of wineries and tourism companies and investigates the governance of the sector, or how the different actors collaborate and interact when developing inter-organisational projects. Finally, researchers also evaluate how digitalization and the fostering of innovation impacts the wine and tourism sectors.

Our missions

The areas of action of the « Wine and Tourism » Chair are organized around three main hubs:

An academic hub for the development of training

A research hub to manage studies

A business hub to encourage partnerships between the organizations and companies of both sectors

Our training courses

The « Wine and Tourism » Chair participates in the development and improvement of the Grande Ecole International Wine Management and Tourism Masters degree, the Tourism Management Masters degree and the two Short Executive courses in entrepreneurship and digitalization of wineries and tourism businesses. The academic contribution of the « Wine and Tourism » Chair is based on productive partnerships between its academic and professional actors. The interactions between professionals, researchers and students provide answers to practical and managerial issues and are an essential part of the Chair’s pedagogical base.



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  • September 2017: Funds provided by the Grands Chais de France group via the Strasbourg University Foundation
  • July 2017: Funds provided by the Interprofessional Alsace Wines Council (CIVA) via the EM Strasbourg partner association
  • June 2017: Funds provided by the Crédit Agricole Alsace Vosges via the Strasbourg University Foundation
  • May 2017: Founding of the Chair. Signature of the partnership agreement.

Significant events

  • April 2018: Conference on “Valorisation of Alsatian vineyards through wine tourism: durable and experiential levers” in partnership with Grands Chais de France (GCF), Crédit Agricole Alsace Vosges (CAAV) and Professional Wine Agency of Alsace (CIVA)
  • April 2018: Conference by Coralie Haller on “Digital practices of Alsace wineries” at the Wine Brotherhood Saint Etienne in Kientzheim
  • April 2018: Conference by Coralie Haller on “Benchmark of the French start-ups in the Wine industry” at the Professional Wine Agency of Alsace (CIVA) during the Bizz and Buzz Festival
  • April 2018: Visit of the Tourism Agency of Mulhouse by the Tourism Management Master 2 students who worked on the digital strategy of the organization and then visited Mulhouse city with a guide
  • March 2018: Visit of the Grands Chais de France site by the International Wine Management and Tourism Programme and Tourism Management Master 2 students, who tasted the products and worked on a strategic problematic for the group
  • February 2018: the International Wine Management and Tourism Programme students took part in the first Hackaton of the Alsace wine industry, in partnership with Invinotech
  • October 2017:the Arthur Metz company in Marlenheim welcomed students following the International Wine Management and Tourism course for training in « French vineyards, wine tasting and food and wine pairing » provided by Cyril Treuillet, sommelier at Grands Chais de France
  • September 2017: First lectures for the International Wine Management and Tourism Programme students, and a visit to the Hospices de Strasbourg to discover this historical site for Alsace wines
  • September 2017: Meeting with the research team led by Jean-Paul Méreaux from Reims-Champagne-Ardennes University to define the lines of action for common research axes with the Wine and Tourism Chair
  • July 2017: Visit to Jean-Paul Méreaux and his team at the Reims-Champagne-Ardennes University by the Chair’s research team

Our team

The team is composed of permanent members who are professors and associate professors at EM Strasbourg, and external experts. These team members work with associate members of the school, as well as colleagues in universities in France and abroad, with economic actors and institutions.

Coralie HALLER
Associate Professor
Head of the Wine and Tourism Chair
Head of the Head of the Grande École International Wine Management and Tourism program
Head of the Master 2 Tourism Management program
Permanent member

Charlotte MASSA
Associate Professor
Head of the Grande Ecole program marketing apprenticeship
Permanent member


Dean of EM Strasbourg
Associate Professor
Permanent member


Yuan YAO
Associate Professor
Permanent member


Sébastien BÉDÉ
Associate Professor
Expert member


Associate Professor
Expert member

Marketing and communication director of Champagne Feuillatte
Creator and member of Invinotech
Expert member


Professor, HDR (accreditation to supervise research)
Head of the Business Engineering Master 2 degree
Associate member

Marie-Noelle JUBENOT
Associate Professor
Reims-Champagne-Ardennes University
Associate member


Associate professor, HDR (accreditation to supervise research)
Reims-Champagne-Ardennes University
Associate member


President of EM Strasbourg Partners
Rotary 1680 district governor
Ex-officio member


Jacques CATTIN
Member of Parliament for the second constituency of the Haut Rhin region
Vice-President of the Grande Region Tourism Commission
dans la Grande Région
Ex-officio member


Our sponsors


Nos partenaires



Date of update May 18, 2018

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