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Testimony of Anne-Céline LAMBERGER

Publié le 13 septembre 2018, Mis à jour le 13 septembre 2018

Graduated of Master International Wine management and tourism and UK&ROI Sales Assistant Junior at Grands Chais de France.



"For the last year of my Master degree, I chose to follow the courses of “International Wine Business Management & Tourism” at EM Strasbourg. With a bachelor specialised in Tourism and a first year of Master degree at the University of Angers called “Wine, Gastronomy & Tourism”, I wanted to be part of this program for two main reasons.
First because it’s unique, in the North East Region of France, to propose a degree of this level in Wine Tourism but also because this degree can be made in apprenticeship.

Thanks to this opportunity I became part of the Group Grands Chais de France in which I am UK&ROI Sales Assistant Junior. The classes with French & International teachers, all presented in english, are often based on real case studies. I find that great because you can help the companies who are part of the “Chaire Vin et Tourism ” with your work & recommendation. It’s a chance to be more close to the reality, to professionalize yourself, to #bedistinctive."

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