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Experience of Wine Management Program, Qinyue LI

Publié le 6 avril 2020, Mis à jour le 7 avril 2020

Graduated of Master International Wine management and tourism and NKA sales assistant at Pernod Ricard China in Shanghai.

Qinyue LI

Qinyue LI

"For the last year of my Master degree, I chose to follow the courses of “International Wine Business Management and Tourism” at the EM Strasbourg with full of expectations.

There are some reasons why I wanted to be part of this program. First because this English -taught program is unique, in the North East Region of France, to provide a degree of Wine Management and Tourism education. The course content covers the professional knowledge of wine and wine tasting, wine tourism, wine marketing and sales, wine management and other related management courses, which I am really interested in.

Secondly, this degree can be made in apprenticeship. Thanks to this opportunity I became part of the Pernod Ricard China in which I am NKA sales assistant in Shanghai after the 5-months internship as an E-Commerce Brand Intern in the marketing department in Pernod Ricard China. The classes with French and International teachers, all presented in English, are often based on real case studies. And this program encourages students to combine what they have learned in class with their extracurricular practices, and pays attention to the improvement of their teamwork spirit and communication skills.

What’s more, the teaching activities of this program are very rich and diverse, not limited in classroom teaching. The school also organized regularly visits to the local region of the vineyard in Alsace to better understand the terroir and the environment of the vineyard and winery operation mode, etc., and we had a lot of opportunities to have Alsace wine tasting in the vineyards. Although Alsace region is small, it is exquisite and unique, with superior terroir environment and beautiful scenery. Many high-quality white wines, such as gewurztraminer and pinot grigio, are produced here. The wines produced here are delicate, elegant and fragrant. With the unique Alsace wine glass, wine tasting is more delicate.

The program of International Wine Management and Tourism will certainly give you a different and amazing experience. It’s a chance to be more close to the reality, to professionalize yourself, to be distinctive."

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