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Sabine AUPETIT's testimony, strategic marketing project manager for Schmidt Group

Publié le February 19, 2018, Mis à jour le March 6, 2018

“When you sell kitchens and made-to-measure installations on a daily basis to clients who will have our products in their home as part of their life project, I can assure you that the notion of customer experience is absolutely essential. It is something that is deeply anchored in our philosophy at Schmidt. Yet this does not prevent us from reassessing our practices in this area. For the last four years we have been examining the buyer’s journey in terms of both digital and physical aspects for our two brands, Cuisinella and Schmidt, with the consumer placed at the center of this process.”

“This is essential to understand the customer’s buying experience, and identify the key moments that either slow down or accelerate the order. We are redefining our strategy, with a strong emphasis on digital media such as new, more efficient websites for each store that allow them to exchange directly with their customers. Within the company, this approach is part of a very important project based on the conviction that the enchantment of customers is directly related to that of the staff at Schmidt Group and in our stores.

This is why we intend to consolidate the concept of customer relations within Schmidt Group and thus remain one step ahead. In this respect, the Chair set up at EM Strasbourg should not only allow us to benefit from the research work that will be conducted, but also to share our good practices with other partners.”

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