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Martin Kaiser's testimony, Managing Director of Hager Services

Publié le February 19, 2018, Mis à jour le March 6, 2018

“Changes in our main markets mean that Hager Group has to regularly reappraise its position. Until recently, our customers, who are mainly wholesalers in electrical equipment, ordered equipment like cables, switches, sockets and electric boards. However, technological progress has made most of our products increasingly connected and interactive. In the very near future, these products will be remotely controlled, monitored and updated and will be able to record useful information such as individual energy consumption for end users.”

“This changes our relationship with the users of our 'solutions' for the home: we create a direct relationship with users through the services that are developed. Apart from our alarm center business, this direct contact with users is relatively new for Hager Group, and currently represents a key factor in terms of image and quality of service. In October 2016 we launched Hager Services, a division that coordinates customer experience strategy, generates synergies and harmonizes practices. This initiative should strengthen the Hager Group brands and provide our customers with a unique experience.

This evolution in business strategy will also lead the group to increase its marketing in order to encompass this change in customer relations. We hope that our participation in the EM Strasbourg Customer Experience Chair will be of use to resolve the issues we face in this domain and will strengthen our links with the EM school and increase our visibility for students, who are possible future collaborators.”

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