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Vanessa LI PUMA’s testimony

Publié le 7 novembre 2018, Mis à jour le 16 janvier 2019

Graduated from EM Strasbourg Master Degree in Strategic and Operational Marketing.

Vanessa LI PUMA, 25 years old, from Italie

Vanessa LI PUMA, 25 years old, from Italie

"Last year I had the incredible opportunity to study at EM Strasbourg business school as a double degree student. In my home country university, in Pavia, I was enrolled in a Master Science course in International Business while, to get my double degree, in Strasbourg I chose the Master course in Operational and Strategic Marketing. I wanted to develop my knowledge in this field as nowadays having a strategic marketing approach may make the difference to deal with disruptive changes and a competitive business world.

The Customer Experience Chair gave me the possibility to enrich my understanding of customer experience and how this is important from a corporate strategy point of view. In fact, if a company understands its target market and improves the usability experience, it will be able to build a tailored offer and boost the competition. I learnt the importance of the customer experience thanks to the course of Creating and DeliveringCustomer Experience taught by professor Claire Roederer: I have been able to study different research papers and academical articles regarding customers’behaviors in the light of the strategic approach of companies.

As soon as I finish my master at EM Strasbourg business school, I found an internship in Milan at Accenture, the biggest worldwide consulting company, where I work in the digital department. I am in the analytics and performance team and currently working with a cross industry approach. In particular, I had the opportunity to work for the automotive industry, taking care of digital performances.

Working in the consulting analytics team, we have to understand the client’s needs, study the client’s digital assets thanks to digital platforms such as Google analytics and we have to deliver powerful insights to improve the company communication and its digital strategy as a whole. Thanks to the course I mentioned before it is always clear in my mind the importance of understanding customers in order to develop a successful strategy. Hence at Accenture we strive to make our clients aware of their customers and how to attract them.

A great opportunity to #bedistinctive!! "

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