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Ethnography and usability to transform customer experience

Publié le March 21, 2018, Mis à jour le March 21, 2018

Thanks to EM Strasbourg's Customer Experience Chair, students from the Strategic and Operational Marketing track have had the opportunity to discover the ethnographic and ergonomic methods implemented by HAGER Group to support its digital transformation during a seminar led by Martin KAISER, CEO of Hager Services, Céline PINEAU and Adrien PITRAT, respectively Customer Insight Researcher and Ergonomist at Hager Services.

The purpose of the ergonomic approach is to design or evaluate products and services based on the observation of user actions and / or on objective criteria related to users' abilities in terms of their cognitive processes (memory, vision...). The ethnographic approach completes the ergonomic approach to reveal, through participant observation, the details of consumption practices that would not necessarily have been told otherwise ...

A big thank you for this great collaboration between students and partners of the Customer Experience Chair!

HAGER GROUP is with SCHMIDT GROUPE and SIG Strasbourg, one of the founding members of EM Strasbourg's Customer Experience Chair.
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