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Best Student contribution Awards

Publié le March 19, 2019, Mis à jour le March 19, 2019

The purpose of this group work was to gather and analyse great and recent innovations related to customer experience. Students worked in groups. Each group had to search for innovations in the realm of customer experience within a specific geographic area (Asia, Europe, Americas) and on a specific industry (retailing, live shows (entertainment industry) or luxury industries).

The final reports present and analyse a top 10 of best customer experience innovations, observed in 2018. Special attention was given to the quality of the analysis to explain why the innovation was noticeable, relevant, in which way it created customer value. And the winners are…

The work “Best retail innovation in Europe” (presented by Hanxu Cui, Lina Ke, Loïc Keiflin, Charlotte Rigaux and Camille Roth) has been voted “best analytical contribution” by the Chair Partners. Among the retail innovations selected by the students : Zalando Premium delivery and Mango Digital fitting rooms.

[legende-image]5634[/legende-image]The work “Retail innovations in Asia” ( presented by Arnaud Heimburger, Hua Jiang, Pha Le Phan Nguyen, Quentin Montallat and Yuling Xiang) has been voted “best innovative contribution” by the Chair Partners. Among the retail innovations selected by the students : AliPay and WeChat Pay Mobile wallets and PinDuoduo Online Group Banking.

The work “Live Entertainment in Europe” ( presented by Lucia Antonelli, Theresa Fiedler, Lena Holzschuh, Kathrin Krause and Luisalba Muñoz Rangel) has been voted “best experiential contribution” by the Chair Partners. Among the Live Entertainment innovations selected by the students : in Europe in 2018 : IMAX virtual reality center and Europapark IBO Dreams.

[legende-image]5635[/legende-image]The Chair wishes to thank the Partners for their involvement and congratulate the students on this achievement !

EM Strasbourg’s “Customer Experience” Chair was created in November 2017 with the support of three founding members: Hager Group, Schmidt Group and SIG Strasbourg. It works with businesses from a range of sectors. The aim of the chair is to provide a space for research, reflection and training, with a focus on physical and digital variations of customer experiences and cross-functionality. Chair Coordinator: Claire Roederer, MCF HDR EM Strasbourg University.
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