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Chaires d'entreprise EM Strasbourg
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Chaires d'entreprise EM Strasbourg



  • Coralie HALLER "The impact of social media and internet advances on wine tourists’ behavior: a typology of power sources empowering and transforming the wine consumers and tourists", "in : MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING OF WINE TOURISM BUSINESSES: THEORY, PRACTICE AND CASES", Richard N.S Robinson and Marianna SIGALA, August 2018, (with Marianna SIGALA, Coralie HALLER)
  • Laurent WEILL "Bond Offerings in China: The Role of Ownership", (with P.O. Klein), Economics of Transition, Vol. 26, n° 3, July 2018, 363-399 [CNRS cat. 2 / HCERES]
  • Raficka HELLAL-GUENDOUZI "I Am Open To Eat What Is In Front Of Me In The Host Country: A Comprehension Of Expatriates’ Acculturation.", 21st Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress, Porto (Portugal), June 2018, (with S. Dekhili )

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