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Chaires d'entreprise EM Strasbourg
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Chaires d'entreprise EM Strasbourg



  • Claire ROEDERER "Experiential Staging in the Urban Space: Video Mapping of Places and Non-places", (with R.Revat), International Journal of Arts Management, Vol. 21, n° 2, December 2019, 15-26 [CNRS cat. 4 / FNEGE rang 4 / HCERES]
  • Landisoa RABESON "To app or not to app? Investigation of the impact of non-commercial mobile application on luxury brand identity.", 48th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, Hamburg, Germany, mai 2019, (with D. Plotkina)
  • Nada MAANINOU "Brand oldness associations: Identification of dimensions and measurement", 2019 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, Vancouver, Canada., May 2019, (with Richard Huaman-Ramirez)

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