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  • SAMIA CHEHBI GAMOURA "Blockchain Adoption in Business Models: What is the Business Value? ", International Conference on Economics and Business Management (ICEBM), Singapore, 2020, (with H. I. Koruca, S. Sharma)
  • Ridha DERROUICHE "Special Issue «Supply Chain 4.0", (with S. Gamoura, S. Lamouri), Logistique & Management, Vol. 1-2020, 2020 [FNEGE rang 4]
  • Ridha DERROUICHE Special Issue «Big Data Analytics: Applications and Applicability in Management», International Journal of Spatio-Temporal Data Science, Inderscience, 2020, (with S. Gamoura, Y. Yao)

mise à jour le 9 avril 2018

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